Couples often come to therapy when it feels like they've hit a wall- there's a lot of conflict and fighting, or there's uncomfortable distance and a lack of intimacy. Fears of abandonment and commitment can be found at the root of many arguments, even those that are seemingly insignificant.

I help partners identify their own needs, and slow down in the moments they start to feel defensive. Communicating from an honest and vulnerable place creates depth and closeness; it is incredibly healing and satisfying when your partner finally understands you on a deep level. This understanding builds a foundation for a healthy, passionate, and supportive relationship.

I draw from EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and Attachment Theories to help couples:

  1. Stop fights from escalating by identifying the  "cycle" where they keep getting stuck

  2. Understand and change the negative patterns by uncovering the unexpressed emotions, needs, and wants

  3. Reconnect to the love, care, and passion they have for each other and cultivate the intimacy and life they desire

Areas of expertise include:

  • Communication 

  • Frequent Arguing

  • Sex & Intimacy 

  • Affairs

  • Non-monogamy